Entry into Turkey

Entry into and exit from Turkey shall be through the border gates with a valid passport or travel document.

Document checks

1- Foreigners should submit their passport or, travel document or documents to the officials at the time of entry into and exit from Turkey.
2- Document checks regarding border crossings can also be carried out on vehicles while they are on route.
3- Foreigners using transit areas at airports may be subject to [document] checks by the competent authorities.
4- At the time of entry into Turkey, checks shall be carried out to determine whether or not the foreigner falls within the scope of Article 7.
5- In the implementation of this article, persons regarding whom a comprehensive check is required may only be held for a maximum of four hours.

Foreigners who shall be refused to enter into Turkey

1- who do not hold a passport, a travel document, a visa or, a residence or a work permit or, such documents or permits has been obtained deceptively or, such documents or permits are false;
2- whose passport or travel document expires sixty days prior to the expiry date of the visa, visa exemption or the residence permit;
3- without prejudice to paragraph two of Article 15 of the Law No 6458, even if they are exempted from a visa, the visa shall not be issued to following foreigners whose/who:
     a) passport or travel document is not valid at least sixty days beyond the expiry date of the visa requested
     b) are banned from entering Turkey
     c) are considered undesirable for reasons of public order or public security
     d) are identified to have a disease posing public health treat
   e) are suspects of or, are convicted of, a crime(s) that are subject to extradition pursuant to agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party to
     f) are not covered with a valid medical insurance for the duration of their stay
     g) fail to supply proof of the reason for their purpose of entry into, transit from or stay in Turkey
     h) do not possess sufficient and sustainable resources for the duration of their stay
     ı) would refuse to pay receivables, originating from overstaying the duration of visa or a previous residence permit duration or, that should be enforced and collected pursuant to the Law on the Procedure of Collection of Public Receivables No 6183 of 21/07/1953 or, debts and fines enforced pursuant to the Turkish Penal Code No 5237 of 26/09/2004.

Implementation regarding international protection claims

The conditions stipulated in entry into and exit from Turkey, document checks and foreigners who shall be refused to enter into Turkey shall not be construed and implemented to prevent the international protection claim.

Entry ban to Turkey

1- The Directorate General, when necessary and upon consultation with the relevant government departments and institutions, may impose an entry ban against foreigners whose entry into Turkey is objectionable for public order, public security or public health reasons.
2- The Directorate General or governorates shall impose an entry ban for foreigners who are deported from Turkey.
3- The entry ban to Turkey shall not exceed five years. However, in cases where there is a serious public order or public security threat, this period may be extended for a maximum of an additional ten years by the Directorate General.
4- The entry ban to Turkey for foreigners whose visa or residence permit has expired and who has applied to the governorates to exit from Turkey before their situation is established by the competent authorities upon which a removal decision has been taken, shall not exceed one year.
5- Among those who have been invited to leave Turkey pursuant to Article 56 of the Law No 6458, an entry ban might not be imposed for those who leave the country within the specified period of time.
6- The Directorate General may revoke an entry ban or, allow the foreigner to enter into Turkey for a given period of time, without prejudice to the entry ban.
7- For reasons of public order or public security, the Directorate General may introduce advance clearance conditions for the admission of certain foreigners’ to Turkey.

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