Residence Procedures for Foreign Mission Personnel and Their Family Members

Foreign Mission Identity Card

Foreign Mission Identity Card shall be granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for family members and foreign missionary personnels who work for accreditated Embassy, Embassy, Consulate General on duty, Consulate, Assistant Consulate, Consulate Agencies and International Foundation Agencies.

Application For Foreign Missionary Identity Card

Foreign mission personnel shall apply to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on purpose of obtaining Foreign Mission Identity Card for himself/herself and family members within seven days following the entry date or starting date of mission if the personnel is a residence permit holder in Turkey.

Exemption from Residence Permit

Article 20 of the Law shall regulate exemption from residence permit. Pursuant to Article in question; members of the diplomatic and consular missions in Turkey, family members of diplomatic and consular officers, provided they are notified to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and members of the representations of international organisations in Turkey whose status has been determined by virtue of agreements shall be exempted from residence permit.
Additionally, Foreign Mission Identity Card certifies that the holder is exempted from residence permit.

Foreign Mission Personnel’s Assignment Extension

In case of a foreign mission personnel’s assignment extension, personnel in question is required to obtain a new identity card by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within sixty days prior to the expiration of the card and, in any case, before the expiration date of the card.

Family Members of Foreign Mission Personnel who are Required to Obtain Residence Permit

In cases where foreign mission personnel and their family members wish to stay in Turkey, after the end of their status that entitled them to exemption from a residence permit, shall apply with the governorates no later than ten days to obtain a residence permit.

The residence permit applications of foreign mission personnel for their family members who are required to obtain a residence permit document within the scope of reciprocity principle shall be made by the affiliated representations to the Directorate General of Migration Management by way of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the period stipulated in the legislation. Foreigners who are considered appropriate for the residence permit shall be directed to the governorates.

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