Documents for Residence Permit-Fee Amount

Residence permit which will be issued to foreigner and the approval fees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Residence permit documents are the valuable papers in accordance with the Law on Valuable Papers No. 210. The amount is subject to document fee determined by the Ministry of Finance each year. Document fee exemption for nationals of any country is not in question.
Residence permit fees for the foreigners listed in the Table of Valuable Papers  which is annexed to the Law No 210 have been determined as 55,00 TL and they are valid from 1 January 2015.

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The amount published in the Official Gazette for the nationals of the countries that are not listed above shall be as follows:

Residence permit (the subparagraph amended by the Article 37 of the Law No. 5035. Enforcement date: 01/01/2004)
13,30 TL per day up to 1 month (this amount shall not be less than (24,80 TL) and shall not be more than (126,70 TL) for each permit for the first month.)

84,20 TL per month after 1 month has passed.

Fraction of a month counts as a whole month while calculating the fees of the next months after 1 month has passed.
(The sentences added by the Article 6 of the Law No 4731. Enforcement date: 30/12/2001) (Not obtaining residence permit or not extending the duration of the residence permit shall not prevent charging the fees which will be calculated in respect of the price list for the extended period. The fee calculated in this way shall be charged with one-time higher fee without being subject to a late fee or punishment.

(The sentences added by the Article 7 of the Law No 4761. Enforcement date 22/6/2002). The Ministry of Finance shall be entitled to determine the residence permit fees, taking reciprocity principle into consideration.

The approval fees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are 205,30 TL.

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