Message from the General Director

Our web site that we have been working on with a view to explaining both Turkey’s new migration system and works of the Directorate General is now available.

Today “migration” is a process in which every person and structure is interested. Migrants population has sharply increased in the last half-century. According to the data of the United Nations, if the migration continues at the same pace that it has over the past 20 years, the number of international migrants around the world is expected to reach 405 million by 2050.

Turkey has been a country of origin of migration; whereas, today it has also become a transit and target country in terms of international population movements because of its regional and global dynamics. 

Law on Foreigners and International Protection was adopted in Turkish Grand National Assembly and published in Official Gazette on 11 April 2013. As  Directorate General for Migration Management, we keep working at full stream.
We respectfully wish all the best.

Atilla TOROS
General Director for Migration Management

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