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WORKSHOP ON NON-FORMAL EDUCATION AND INFORMING ACTIVITIES FOR FOREIGNERS WAS ORG... Within the scope of "Project for Supporting the Development of National Harmonization Policy of Turkey" carried out in cooperation with the Directorat...
COOPERATION PROTOCOL WITH ASSOCIATION FOR SOLIDARITY WITH ASYLUM SEEKERS AND MIG... Cooperation Protocol was signed between the Directorate General of Migration Management and the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Mig...
PRIZE GIVING CEREMONY OF THE PAINTING CONTEST THEMED AS “MY MIGRANT FRIEND” WAS ... The prize giving ceremony of Muyu painting contest themed as “My Migrant Friend” organized by the Directorate General of Migration Management was perf...
BRIEFING, ASSESMENT AND STRATEGY PLANING CONFERENCE HAS BEEN HELD Briefing, assesment and strategy planing conference has been held for the managers of Directorate of Migration Management.
  • Refugees
  • International Migrants Day
  • Migrating Birds
  • Child Migration
  • Harmonization
  • Istanbul Meetings
  • 18 December 2015 International Migrants Day
  • Settled Meskhetian Turks
  • 23 April 2016 Prize Giving Ceremony of Painting Contest
  • 21 April 2017 Muyu Painting Contest