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The movements of migration which nowadays have acquired an international qualification have placed at the top of the agenda not only in the migration-receiving states but also in all regions through its political, social and cultural dimensions. Thus, having serious effects on societies, the aforementioned human movements have become the main determiner of international affairs and politics. Turkey located on significant transit routes is one of the countries which have become a focal point of the aforementioned population movements. The most remarkable example for that is the remarkable increase in the number of foreigners arriving in our country for various reasons. The number of foreigners entering into and exiting from Turkey is over 30 million while the number of foreigners residing in Turkey is over 400,000.

For foreigners, Turkey is a natural bridge connecting east and west by its geographical position. This is mostly because of its geopolitical importance. Another reason for this is Turkey’s growing economic power and political stability.

The position of Turkey as a “transit country” in terms of movements of migration has undergone some changes in recent years, thus our country has also become a “target country”.

In this context, like the examples in the world, an institutional structuring which improves and implements strategies and current policies towards area of responsibility; which is human rights-oriented, equipped with qualified staff and a strong infrastructure was required in terms of effective management of issues in the field of migration. Therefore, Turkey has put new regulations into force with the purpose of determining and implementing more efficient policies on migration. The most important of these regulations is Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection published in the Official Gazette dated 11.04.2013 and numbered 28615.

Law on Foreigners and International Protection has become an assurance for the rights of migrants and international protection seekers by basing an effective asylum and migration management on a strong legal ground. With this Law, the legal framework of the rights of migrants and refugees has been brought in line with the international standards. With this Law also Directorate General of Migration Management has aimed to be organized in 81 provinces, 148 districts and outside Turkey.

Directorate General will carry on its activities with the aim of practising policies and strategies regarding the migration area, facilitating the coordination between the agencies and institutes on these issues, carrying out the operations and processes regarding foreigners’ entry into and stay in Turkey, their exit and being deported from Turkey, international protection, temporary protection and the protection of the victims of human trafficking.

The purpose of  the establishment of the Directorate General is to ensure that the studies in this field is managed by the mechanisms open to innovation and international cooperation; having expertise,  following up-to-date information and developments closely; in brief, the mechanisms which can keep up with the dynamic pattern of the processes.

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