Under the Central Administration Budget Law for 2015, 179.890.000,00 TRY has been allocated for Directorate General for Migration Management. For personnel expenditures 19.799.000,00 TRY; for state premium payments to Social Security Institutions 2.477.000,00 TRY; for good and service expenditures 56.325.000,00 TRY; for current transfers 31.289.000,00 TRY; for capital expenditure 70.000.000,00 TRY have been allocated.

From the allowance of our Directorate General in 2015, 25.000.000,00 TRY has been allocated for health insurance contributions of applicants of international protection, refugees, conditional refugees or those who have the status of subsidiary protection as well as those who are defined as stateless. In addition to these, 70.000.000,00 TRY has also been allocated from the investment budget to our Directorate General for five projects in 2015. These are; Project regarding the establishment of provincial, sheltering houses and central directorates (34.400.000,00 TRY), Project regarding the establishment of Göç-Net enterprise computing (30.000.000,00 TRY), Project regarding the researches on migration and asylum in Turkey (1.400.000,00 TRY), EU Projects  (3.500.000,00 TRY) and other activities (700.000,00 TRY).

2838   |   03/04/2015
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