Institutional Identity

“Institutional Identity” is the visible side of the institution in public relations and reflects how the institution represents and expresses itself. This expression is limited with some borderlines, and commonly it does not change. Institutional identity guide which defines the extend and utilisation way of a design that will remind the institution is an inevitable component of this system.

“Institutional Identity   “ is the signature of the institution, and thus, no alteration is made on it. Although some changes has been made to the institutional identity from time to time as a result of the joint work of management of the institution and designers, it is critical, in terms of public relations, that the change is made only in the form of revision and for a long period of time.

“Institutional Identity” work has undoubtedly been built on the logo of the institution. Using logo according to defined standards and no change in colours, or font sized was take as basis in the said work. As a whole, “Institutional Identity” ensures success in public relation investments of the institution, and contributes to accurate perception of the continuance and coherence of the institution.

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