“International Consultation Workshop regarding the Implementation of the EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement for Third Country Nationals and the Stateless Persons” was organized in Ankara Mövenpick Hotel on 24-25 March 2015 as part  of “Supporting Turkey in the Establishment of Human Rights based Framework for the Implementation of the EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement Project” run in cooperation with International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Directorate General of Migration Management and financed by Netherlands Embassy as part of the Matra Fund.

The workshop was held for the purpose of consultation, with participation of the international experts, representatives from countries, related institutions and organizations, and academics and researches who carried out the needs analysis in this field, regarding the constitution of an active readmission system to implement the EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement comprehensively and well-functioning in compliance with human rights and international standards. Ms. Meera SETHI, IOM Turkey Chief of Mission, and Mr. Dr. Ahmet APAN, Deputy Director General of Migration Management have made the opening speeches in the workshop.

The workshop continued with brief presentation of migration expert Mr. Aykut TÜRKAY from the DGMM Migration Policies and Projects Department on Directorate General and approach towards migration. Following the presentation, Migration Expert Ms. Aylin IHTIYAROGLU from the Foreigners Department made a presentation on the Readmission Agreements of which Turkey is a party, and Readmission Agreements signed with European Union.

The workshop continued with presentations delivered by European Union Affairs Expert Mr. Bilgi Can KOKSAL from Ministry for EU Affairs Directorate for Political Affairs, Ms. Günay BABADOGAN ERTAN Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Head of the Department of Deputy Directorate General of Immigration, Asylum and Visa and Mr. Dan ROTENBERG, European Commission Return and Readmission Sector Manager.

Following the presentations, Readmission Agreements were discussed on the basis of leading questions by the chairman of the first day sessions Mr. Dr. Ahmet APAN, Deputy Director General of Migration Management.

On the second day of the workshop Consultant Mr. Ron SEESINK from the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice, Ms. Daria MALYUTINA from Russian Federal Migration Service Department of Citizenship, EU Policy and Programme Officer Jennifer HOLLINGS from IOM Brussels Regional Office and National Program Coordinator Ms. Meltem ERSAN from IOM Turkey gave their presentations.

Afterwards, important points mentioned in the İmplementation Protocols and presentations were discussed.

The workshop ended after the evaluation section of participant’s opinions and suggestions.

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