18 December International Migrants Day, which is also known as the day when international public opinion recognised the world-wide rights of the migrants, was celebrated in Ankara with photography exhibition and reception performed in cooperation with Directorate General for Migration Management and International Organisation for Migration.
The celebration was held with the participation of Assistant of Minister of Interior Osman GÜNEŞ, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Seyfullah HACIMÜFTÜOĞLU and other senior managers of our ministry, representatives from International Organisation for Migration Office for Turkey, Governors, Ambassadors, relevant academics as well as Syrian children who are under our temporary protection and the groups representing the foreigners staying in various parts of our country holding residence permit.   
International Migrants Day celebrated on 18 December every year by the UN, various countries, national and international organisations in the field of migration and NGOs aims at raising awareness about the life of the migrants and their problems. This year Turkish Ministry of Interior celebrated International Migrants Day for the first time.
18 December International Migrants Day which is celebrated with the aim of reflecting positive image of migration and the efforts towards establishing an organised process managing migration, instead of irregular process managed by migration in Turkey started with a mini concert by the foreign students taking Turkish  lessons in Ankara University Turkish and Foreign Language Implementation and Research Center (TÖMER) , which is followed by piano and cello concert by migrant artists from General Directorate of State Opera and Ballet. Youngest soloist of the migrant Yarenler Group. Ölüdenizli Yarenler Junior group composed of 2 Kazakh and 4 British nationals livened up the night with the song Ankara’nın Bağları, and 9-year-old Kazakh soloist of the group Maria Zhukenova was greatly appreciated with her outgoing attitude. Syrian children who are under our temporary protection were felt deep at the heart. The audience was fascinated by their Turkish and Arabic songs.
At the event held in Ankara Cer Modern Art Center, following the speeches by International Organisation for Migration Chief of Mission Meera SETHİ, General Director of Migration Management Atilla TOROS and Assistant of Minister of Interior Osman GÜNEŞ, respectively, regarding migration processes both in the world and Turkey, foreign guests coming from Fethiye and Kilis performed musical and dance demonstrations. Yarenler Grubu composed of British and Kazakh migrants living in Fethiye and established with the support of Fethiye District Governorate sang Ankara’nın Bağları  and dansed with their yoruk outfits. 9-year-old Kazakh soloist of the group Maria Zhukenova and other members of the group was greatly appreciated. ‘’Kardeş Sesler Korosu’’ composed of Syrian children and established by the support of Kilis Governorate was appreciated by the audience with their Turkish and Arabic songs.  The event came to an end after watching short film Migration, checking out 18 December International Migrants Day photography exhibition and visiting the stands prepared by District Governorates of Alanya, Kaş, Didim, Fethiye and Governorates of Kilis, Bursa and Nevşehir as well as Turkish Learning Centers of Ankara, Hacettepe and Gazi Universities. Drawings of the children living at camps were reflecting their hearts and dreams full of hope. The provinces and districts attending the 18 December event with their migrants created colourful stands.

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