A conference on “Population Geography and Migration” was held by the Department of Education, Migration Research Centre in the conference hall of Directorate General of Migration Management on 10 June 2016.
Prof. Dr. İlber ORTAYLI who is a famous historian and has a great number of scientific studies at national and international level in the field of history attended to the conference as the speaker.

In his speech, Mr. ORTAYLI stated that the migration events taking place in the flow of history formed the current European continent; people coming during the Balkan Wars changed the destiny of Turkey, and among the Balkan countries, Tukey is a country which can accept immigrants in terms of the resources it has, arrival continuity of the people and bureaucracy. Furthermore, he also highlighted that migration is an important problem and we should make policy by taking into consideration the migrants’ ethnic origin and the professions they perform in the employment of the migrants and by analysing those factors very well; it will not be true to split the migrants into categories before we analyse the situation.

The conference ended after the question-answer part.

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