Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, our Director General; Mr. Ramazan SEÇİLMİŞ, Head of Combating Irregular Migration; Mr. Harun BAŞIBÜYÜK, Head of International Protection Department, paid a visit to Iran in order to develop cooperation in the field of migration, discuss the situation of the Afghans and discuss the efforts to combat irregular migration.
         Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, our Director General met with Mr. Sayed Ali Gadamgahi, Deputy Director General of Migration of Ministry of Interior. As a result of the negotiation, it was agreed that cooperation should be established in the field of migration and effective struggle with irregular migration.   
         Visiting the Haveran Removal Centre in Tehran within the scope of the visit, the delegation of our Directorate General received information on the return processes of Iranian irregular migrants from Iran to their countries.

222   |   03/01/2019
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