An informative meeting for the Provincial Directors of Migration Management was organized in order to inform the Provincial Directors about the provincial duties before the takeover. The meeting was held in the Conference Hall of the DGMM for two groups and 81 Provincial Directors, officials responsible for the provinces and responsible unit chiefs have attended the meeting.
On the third day of the meeting Mr. Aziz YILDIRIM, Ministry of Interior Deputy Undersecretary, attended the meeting, which brought the 81 Provincial Directors together. The meeting started with Director General of Migration Management Mr. Atilla TOROS’s speech and Mr. Aziz YILDIRIM, Ministry of Interior Deputy Undersecretary, has also delivered a speech. In the aftermath of these speeches, Mr. Karim ATASSI, UNHCR Deputy Representative to Turkey, Ms. Meltem ERSAN, IOM Representative, and Mr. İbrahim Vurgun KAVLAK, Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants General Coordinator, made presentations. In the afternoon part of the meeting Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management, gave information regarding the aforementioned takeover period.
Ms. Meera SETHI, IOM Turkey Chief of Mission, made a presentation on the first day of the informative meeting. During the meeting, detailed information were given to the Provincial   Directors on the protocol regarding the takeover of the provincial services, which was signed between Directorate General of Security and Directorate General of Migration Management, what to do during the takeover period, how to use the GÖÇ-NET software and system, international protection procedures within the framework of Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection, Temporary Protection, procedures regarding the irregular migration, residence permit procedures and implementation of the GÖÇ-NET. Additionally, the preparations of the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management were examined.

2957   |   16/06/2015
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