Briefing, assesment and strategy planing conference has been held for the managers of Directorate of Migration Management.  Managers of Central Migration Managements and The Provincial Organizations have attended to the conference held for the purpose of internal counselation of institution regarding the affects of the latest news on migration management and for the purpose of briefing about recent developments on migration.

While stating the studies perfomed by General Directorate of Migration Management, The Vice President Salih Bıçak,  who gave an opening speech in the conference held on 30th March – 1st April 2017 in Antalya, put emhasize on reflecting expriences gained in the field onto the strategies followed by General Directorate.

After the opening speechs, on the first day of the conference, The Panel, where experts and academicians, who have performed studies in the different thematical fields of migration, has been made. During the panel,  the migration movements and the news in close territories have been elobarated while evaluating its potential affects on migration management in Turkey.

On the second day of the conference, six workshops about human rights, legal subjects and concordance, human trafficking, international protection, removal and regular migration, irregular migration, have been held concurrently with the attendance of managers of Provincial Organization and Central Directorate of Migration Management.  In the worshops Exchange of informations have been made in terms of contributing to the efforts of developing policy and strategy for strenghtening the migration management of Directorate of Migration Management based on the experiences gained in the field.

After closing speechs of Director General Atilla Toros, briefing, assesment and strategy planing conference ended up with the organised workshop dinner.

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