BY-LAW ON ESTABLISHMENT, MANAGEMENT, OPERATION, OUTSOURCING THE OPERATION OF AND AUDITING THE RECEPTION, ACCOMMODATION AND REMOVAL CENTERS, which lays down the protocol principles for establishment, management, operation, outsourcing the operation of and auditing the reception, accommodation and removal centers affiliated to Directorate General for Migration Management, type and nature and auditing of the services to be provided in the mentioned centers, cooperation among the institutions and duties and responsibilities of the personnel, principles and procedures related to financial issues WAS PUBLISHED IN THE OFFICIAL GAZETTE AND CAME INTO FORCE.
This by-law was prepared on the grounds of article 58 and 59 of Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection.  The by-law also includes some arrangements on respecting the important principles in operation or outsourcing the operation of the centers;
a) Protecting right to life.
b) Human-oriented approach.
c) Considering high benefit of unaccompanied children.
ç) Giving priority to those with special needs.
d) Keeping confidential personal information.
e) Giving information to the relevant persons during the procedures.
f) Strengthening those benefiting from accommodation facilities both socially and psychologically.
g) Respecting freedom of belief and worship of those benefiting from accommodation facilities.
ğ) Serving to those benefiting from accommodation facilities with no discrimination due to their language, race, colour, gender, political view, philosophical belief, religion, sect and similar reasons.
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