A conference on “Empathy and Communication with Migrants” was held by the Department of Education, Migration Research Centre in the conference hall of DGMM on 11 April 2016.

Mr. Prof. Dr. Üstün DÖKMEN who has served as an academic member in Ankara University, Faculty of Educational Sciences for many years and who is known with his poetry books, tv programmes and dramas as well as his scientific books and articles, attended the conference as the speaker.

In his speech, Mr. DÖKMEN highlighted that migration often brings with it pain; if there is a war in a country, migration is inevitable for that country’s nationals; while communicating with the migrants, particular importance should be given to the objectivity; as to objectivity, it can be ensured through empathy not through identification and sympathy. Remarking that “we as individuals do not have to be happy all the time but should be strong” Mr. DÖKMEN drew attention to the facts that we face with two concepts which we call as indomitableness and crestfallenness in the presence of crisis; in this complicated world, life indeed becomes so simple at some critical points; we should maintain a strong and upright stance against life by choosing indomitableness not crestfallenness without being detached from life.

After the practice of envisioning in which the participants were involved interactively and which was accompanied by music, the conference ended.

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