Dr.Yasin AKTAY, Chief Advisor to the President, gave a conference on “Geography of Middle East and Migration on 13 February 2019 as the guest of our Directorate General. On the activity organized by the Education Department; Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, Director General, heads of departments, the personnel of our institution and the university students doing internship in our institution took part.
Mentioning in his speech the current developments in the world geography and migration issues, Mr. Prof. Dr. Yasin AKTAY said that “wave of migration from rural to urban areas in Turkey began in 1950. With the beginning of the industry, we have been a country that has experienced 10% increase in migration from rural to urban areas in just 10 years. One of the most important issues in the world is to turn migration into an opportunity instead of taking it as a problem. We said that university winners in our country are an opportunity for Turkey. Let private universities be opened, these are the things that will stimulate the country's economy. Pay attention!If Turkey's economy has been revitalized, if it achieved a major breakthrough in 15-20 years, this is because the problem regarding the migration is evaluated as an opportunity. This is a paradigm change that has been experienced, that is, to transform problems into opportunities, to create opportunities from problems.
Emphasizing that the fact that Turkey is a country that receives migration from all over the world makes it much stronger, Mr. AKTAY stated that it has strengthened the country's power. If this migration flow from Syria had occurred 20 years ago this time, our country would have been overwhelmed by this burden. At that time our state had no capacity and power for this migration.” Expressing that the scenery in Turkey changed after 2010, Mr. Prof. Dr. Yasin AKTAY stated that Turkey has become a country that is preferred in terms of both migration and vacation with the recovery in the economy.
Evaluating also the perspectives of other countries about migration, Mr. Prof. Dr. Yasin AKTAY underlined the fact that United States of America became more powerful with the migrants from all over the world, and said that “Today there is a huge wave of migration to Europe and the USA, which results from political or economic reasons. Mass migration continues in Latin American countries. The reason for this is that both civil wars and unemployment that have become unbearable in their own countries and that the USA has business opportunities and attractiveness. Now there are measures taken by the USA against this wave of migration. The United States has a wave of migration from all over the world, it is a country of migration. There is hardly any deportation in the United States. Every year, 70,000 people are granted citizenship through the Green card. The power of the USA comes from its diversity nourished by this population.”
The conference ended with question and answer session, and with a gift presentation of Mr. Abdullah AYAZ, Director General OF Migration Management, to Mr. Prof. Dr. Yasin AKTAY.

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