The Fourth International Ombudsman Symposium hosted by Ombudsman Institution took place in Ankara on 2-3 March 2017. On the second day of the symposium which was organized within the agenda of “Migration and Migrants”, Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, our Minister, and Mr. Atilla TOROS, our Director General, participated as speakers.

Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, who made the opening speech of the “Migration and Refugee Policies” session which was the first session of the second day, stated that the world entered the 21. Century with migration and terror which clash against the level of civilization and that the major reason of mass migration is terror and violence.

Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior, who also thanked to the ones working in the field regarding the migration problems in Turkey, stressed that in case the decisions taken are not implemented in the field, it will not become more of an issue and within this scope they had gathered the Migration Policies Board.

In the session of “The most Victimized Migrants: Women and Children” which was the second session of the day; Ms. Jasminka Dzumhur, Ombudsman of Bosnia-Herzegovina; Mr. Ixhet Memeti, Ombudsman of the Republic of Macedonia; Mrs. Mihrimah Belma Satır, MP of İstanbul and Chairman of the Parliamentary Petition Commission; and Mr. Atilla TOROS, our Director General took part and Mr. Atilla TOROS who participated as the speaker stated that our country is a kind of society having a millenary rooted mercy, which opens its doors for migrants in the geography it is situated, takes the persons in need under protection and gets also respect from the world opinion.

He indicated that the most affected groups from the troubles and events in the process of migration are children and women, those groups are evaluated as the persons in special need or alias vulnerable groups in the migration literature. He also stated that as the Directorate General of Migration Management, looking after the high benefit of children is among our high priorities; according to our legislation, unaccompanied children are never kept in the removal centres and after taking into consideration the opinion of children, they are placed in Love Houses for kids or in the houses of foster-parents by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

Furthermore Mr. Atilla TOROS, our Director General, who stated that as the Directorate General of Migration Management they carried out works which revealed the actual problems and needs of woman and child migrants, expanded awareness on the official rights of refugees; gave information about the operations they have been carrying out.

The session ended after the speeches, question-answer part and presentation of plates to the speakers.

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