A news report aired on October 15th, 2014 on NTV news channel showed images of Syrian refugees while being registered by Turkish authorities. The news reported that Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) has started registering Syrian refugees and a team of 70 officials continue these works in the Suruç district of the Şanlıurfa province, during which finger prints as well as pictures of the refugees are being taken.

Moreover, it has been stated in the news report that the draft of the upcoming Temporary Protection Regulation has been completed and submitted to the Prime Minister.

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On the webpage of Sabah, a leading representative of the national printed media, a news article was published under the headline “Thankfully There is Turkey” which showed a picture of a Syrian refugee woman and the logo of the Directorate General in the one frame. The same news article emphasized that Turkey has taken 190.000 refugees under its protection who flee from the clashes in Kobane (Ayn- al Arab) region of the the Aleppo Governorate in northern Syria and shared the statement to its viewers that “through its efforts in helping refugees Turkey has won the hearts of many suppressed people”.

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