Duties of the General Director

As stipulated in paragraph 2 of Article 107 of Law on Foreigners and International Protection; 

a) To manage the Directorate General in compliance with the applicable legislation, Government program and policies,
b) To execute necessary legislation work in the field of  the Directorate General, to manage the Directorate General in line with the specified strategy, goal and performance criteria,  
c) To audit the activities and transactions of the Directorate General, to review its management system, to pursue the effectiveness of organizational structure and to ensure improvement of the management
ç) To set medium- and long-term strategy and policies of the Directorate General,  to this end, to ensure cooperation with international organizations, universities and non-governmental organizations
d) To ensure cooperation and coordination with public institutions and organizations in its field of duty.

2594   |   02/02/2015
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