Within the scope of the Project for Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey (MIND), a workshop was organized in order to determine the methodology of evidence-based policy development pilot process.
Academicians, experts from DGMM and experts from ICMPD participated in the workshop aimed at developing inter-institutional cooperation in order to strengthen the capacity of the DGMM for the development of evidence-based migration policy and to monitor the migration policy implementations.
In the workshop held in Ankara on 6 March 2018, it was stated that a profiling work and possible scenarios, which would occur at the end of the process, would contribute significantly to the future policy making works of DGMM and this work would serve as an easily accessible guide for DGMM experts by taking place in the "Migration Policy Development Report" which is considered as an output of the project. 
The Project of Supporting Migration Policy Development in Turkey (MIND) in which the Directorate General of Migration is the main beneficiary and International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) has undertaken the implementing partnership is funded by Turkey and the European Union funds.

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