The Project of “Protecting the Victims of Human Trafficking”, which was prepared in 2011 in accordance with Sectoral Action Plan taking part in the National Action Plan of Strengthening the Institutional Capacity in Combating Human Trafficking, and in which the Directorate General of Migration Management became the main beneficiary after the Financing Agreement regarding the Instrument for Preaccession Assistance (IPA) Component 1, 2011 National Programme was signed on 13 October 2011, began to be implemented in 2014.

Within the scope of activities of the aforementioned project, an awareness training was provided for 35 Labour Inspectors and 35 Social Security Inspectors and again within the scope of the activities of the project, a regional workshop on “Strengthening the National Guidance System by Establishing the Inter-Agency Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism”, in which Judges, Prosecutors, Law-Enforcement Officers, the personnel of Ministry of Family of Social Policies and our Directorate General took part was held in Adana.

The training and workshop contributed to the enhancement of cooperation and awareness.

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