The fourth of the Harmonization Meetings was held in Ankara. The last stop of the Harmonization Meetings was Ankara, which started in Antalya and was organized most recently in Izmir. In the meeting held on 27 December, a large number of foreign guests participated.
In the meeting where the information on the rights and obligations of migrant women and children living in Turkey was provided, the issues about the contribution to the harmonization process of foreigners as well as the procedures regarding their health, education and employment within the scope of the legislation were discussed. 
Mr. Bayram YALINSU, Director of Ankara Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, one of the hosts of the meeting, stated that: “We will continue with ambition and determination to host 380 thousand Syrian children born in our country, 1 million 700 thousand women and a total of 5 million foreigners without marginalizing and discriminating them, by avoiding the news full of mistakes that will damage social peace, and by informing the society and foreigners of the works conducted to ensure the mutual harmonization of our society and the foreigners, in coordination with our Esteemed Head as well.”  
In his opening speech, Mr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, Head of Harmonization and Communication Department, said that: “The ones who are most affected by the problems and events experienced in the migration process are of course children and women. In migration literature, these groups are considered to be in special needs or alias vulnerable groups. The vulnerable groups are social groups such as elderly, women and children who are at more risk of getting into difficulty on conflict and crisis times compared to other migrant groups. Despite the difficulties of migration in recent years, the diversity of migration movements is increasing and the percentage of women among the ones who migrate is increasing. In the matter of increasing number of women in the field of asylum, it is necessary to accept that the twentieth century was the turning point.” Continuing his speech as “Every child and every woman is a hope, happiness”, Mr. Aydın Keskin KADIOĞLU, our Department Head, finished his speech as: “It's hard to migrate, but we're going to be a big family together by overcoming these challenges, creating a warm family atmosphere for you.”
In the meeting, many institutions made presentations about the services they provide according to their areas of responsibility. Mr. Ahmet DANIŞMAN, Migration Expert in Ankara Provincial Directorate of Migration Management, made a presentation on “Rights and Obligations of Foreigners”; Mr. Nihat DEMİR, Branch Director of Migrant Health Unit, made a presentation on “Primary Health Care Services for Migrants”; Mrs. Esra DALGALI, International Labour Expert, made a presentation on “Access of Foreigners granted Temporary Protection and International Protection into Labour Market”; Mrs. Hilal Böke SÖKMEN, Research Assistant, made a presentation on “Education Services for Foreigners in our Country”; Mrs. Arzu ÇINGIR, Social Service Expert, made a presentation on “Services provided for Women Across the Province”; Mr. Eray YILMAZ and Mrs. Nazlı Gizem YILDIRIM from the Turkish Red Crescent Child Protection Centre, made presentations on “Activities of Child Protection Centre.” 
The meeting which was held in cooperation with Ankara Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and International Organization for Migration (IOM) under the coordination of our Directorate General ended after the question and answer session.

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