International Migrants Day Celebrated

18 December International Migrants Day, which is also known as the day when international public opinion recognised the world-wide rights of the migrants, was celebrated in Ankara with photography exhibition and reception performed in cooperation with Directorate General for Migration Management and International Organisation for Migration.
The celebration was held with the participation of senior government officials and Syrian children who are under our temporary protection and the groups representing the foreigners staying in various parts of our country holding residence permit.  
> Why 18 December?

In 1997, Filipino and other Asian migrant organizations began celebrating and promoting December 18 as the International Day of Solidarity with Migrants. This date was chosen because it was on December 18, 1990 that the UN adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of all Migrants Workers and Members of Their Families, which was the result of a long-lasting fight of the migrant rights defenders worlwide.
The first International Migrants Day events were held in the UN building located in Manila, the capital of the Philippines with the participation of local authorities, foreign diplomats, and the representatives from international non-governmental organisations. 18 December was officially proclaimed as “International Migrants Day” in 2000.   

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