Launch meeting of the Sessiz Destek – Support of a Development-sensitive and Coherent Turkish Migration Policy Framework Project was held on 29 January 2015.

Launch meeting of the “Sessiz Destek Project” which will be run in cooperation with Directorate General of Migration Management and Swiss State Secretariat for Migration SEM and in implementing partnership with International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) was held at the Directorate General of Migration Management headquarters. Swiss Ambassador Walter Haffner and several participants from state institutions, international organizations and universities attended the project launch meeting.

Launch meeting started with the speech on ICMPD and Sessiz Destek Project by Lukas Gehrke, the Director of Southern Dimension at International Centre for Migration Policy Development. In the following speech, the Swiss Ambassador Walter Haffner also expressed his gratitude for the cooperation between Turkey and Switzerland. Deputy General Director Ahmet APAN delivered his speech in which he expressed his opinions on migration history in Turkey and Directorate General’s attitude towards migration and development. Following the opening speeches, Prof. Dr. Ahmet İçduygu made a presentation titled “Migration and Development Relation in Turkey: Could this be a new Policy Agenda?” The meeting ended with a reception held for the participants after ICMPD Migration & Development Programme Manager Malin Frankenhaeuser’s presentation in which she explained the activities and objectives of the project.

Project’s duration of implementation is 24 months and the project aims to integrate development dimension of the migration to the migration policy efforts in Turkey, in order to build capacity for creating a development sensitive migration policy and migration strategies as well as to ensure coordination and cooperation among all partners working in the field of migration.

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