Migration Management and Adaptation Workshop

We exchanged information and had a discussion in roundtable meeting on “migration management and adaptation” on 12 December 2013 with almost 20 academics from over 10 universities who are currently studying both domestically and abroad.
Migration Management and adaptation workshop was held on 12 December 2013 in Ankara with a view to exchanging information about adaptation activities planned to be organised for facilitating foreigners’  mutual adaptation with our society, which is among the duties of our Directorate General. 
In the workshop jointly organised by Directorate General for Migration Management (Adaptation and Communication Department) and International Organisation for Migration, various presentations were made under the titles; Integration/Adaptation in Historical and Structural Framework, working examples about Migrants’ Integration in some countries such as Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Adaptation Experiences of International Retired Migrants in Turkey, socio-psychological integration analysis of migrants, education-related problems of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and the role of local government in adaptation process.
Roundtable meetings were held on the following issues: Integration/adaptation policies, Main Issues that should be taken into account while Developing Adaptation Policies in Turkey, and Adaptation Policies? Which actors should be included in Adaptation Efforts of Directorate General for Migration Management in Turkey and what kind of cooperation should be developed?

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