Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management, attended the Interuniversity Council Meeting which was held in the Council of Higher Education.

In the council, university rectors and directors of public institutions were informed about the works carried out to implement the 2 separate protocols which were signed by Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior and Mr. Prof. Dr. M. A. Yekta SARAÇ, President of the Council of Higher Education on 27.10.2016 about “data sharing” and “facilitating the processes of residence permits of international students” and how the process will be continued.

Making presentation in the council, Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management, stated that data sharing protocol aims to contribute to the acceleration of the processes and preventing irregular migration with the secure data sharing between Higher Education Information System YOKSIS used by the universities and the Directorate General of Migration Management Information System GOCNET.

Highlighting the fact that data sharing will ensure the security of student information and prevent any negative situation such as forgery of documents, Mr. Atilla TOROS, expressed that long bureaucratic procedure will be prevented by being shortened and the higher education institutions will be able to control the legal status of foreign students enrolled in the universities in our country.

Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management said that with the protocol prepared in order to facilitate the process of residence permits; international students getting associate degree, undergraduate degree, graduate degree, and the academicians working in our country and the foreign postgraduate students and their foreign spouses and children can submit the required documents for residence permit to the relevant university without waiting for an appointment date after making an application on e-residence system.

Mr. Atilla TOROS stated that DGMM Migration Research Centre and the universities may conduct a joint work and the synergy arising after this joint work which will be conducted in strategy determination in the field of migration will be a guide.

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