Hello Dear Children,

Muyu Knowledge Contest consists of 15 questions in total.

Those questions consist of the categories of Turkish, geography, history, general knowledge, cinema, literature, mathematics, science, sport.

Moreover, there are also questions about how to get to know Turkey.

The questions have 4 options.

There is one choice of I want to use my fifty fifty (half and half) lifeline.

Thanks to this choice, two of incorrect answers are eliminated.

For each question, 30 seconds are given.

Questions are arranged from easy to difficult.

For the one who becomes first of the month, Muyu Set (comprised of a bag, painting and story books, drawing book and pencils) is given as a gift.

When all of the 15 questions are answered correctly, an address button will appear.

If you write your address, the first of the month will be determined and the gift for him/her will be sent via post.

Have fun children.

As Mr. Kenan IŞIK says “May your last decisions always give you happiness”.

Please click for access to the knowledge contest.

2831   |   27/01/2017
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