“18th October Anti-Trafficking Day” announced by EU for the purpose of raising awareness on human trafficking, increasing sensitivity, ensuring effective fight on human trafficking and preventing human trafficking was celebrated in an event arranged by Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) at Rixos Grand Hotel Ankara.

Diplomatic representatives of EU member states and candidate countries in Ankara as well as representatives of public agencies and institutes, non-governmental organisations, academics who have studies on relevant topics and members of press with which the DGMM collaborates on fight against human trafficking convened for the event.

Mr. Atilla TOROS, the Director General of Migration Management, Mr. Fikret İŞGÖREN, the Head of Protecting Victims of Human Trafficking Department of DGMM and Mr. Ege ERKOÇAK, the Director for Political Affairs of Ministry for EU Affairs addressed the guests on their speeches stressing the importance of fight against human trafficking.

In his speech, Mr. Toros emphasised Turkey’s determination on fight against human trafficking. Expressing that crucial duties were fulfilled on prevention of human trafficking thanks to the current legislation, the Director General also added that studies on a new bill are in the process of completion for protecting local and foreign victims of human trafficking and for following up the activities and actions regarding people in question, and aforementioned studies will be referred to the Prime Ministry in order to be transformed into ministerial bill on the first half of 2015.

Stating that the Directorate General is in hot pursuit of human trafficking report of the USA as well as the studies and regulations on related topics in Sweden, France, Norway and Finland, Mr. Atilla TOROS also mentioned that the report on the studies of human trafficking in Turkey will be declared annually.

After a short movie on ‘157 emergency line’ the event ended with a cocktail.

Click here to watch the short movie displayed in the event.

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