Opening of the Project ofSupporting the National Institutions to Mitigate the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisiswas conducted. In the opening meeting of the Project, which was organized in Wyndham Hotel on 24 February 2017, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of National Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Turkish Employment Agency, The Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Higher Education Institution as well as the representatives from the European Union Commission, European Union member countries and NGOs took part.

Mr. Christian Berger, Head of the European Union Delegation to Turkey stated that the Project is a good example of the European Union’s cooperation and solidarity with Turkey and it demonstrates the European Union’s commitment within the context of using all sources of fund available in order to fulfil the needs in a constantly changing environment.

As for Ms. Pascale Moreau, Turkey Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees, she said: “The project which we are launching today sets a very good example for the strong cooperation between the European Union, the Directorate General of Migration Management, and the United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees; and our joint commitment with Turkey on protecting refugees and providing aid for them.”

Stating the fact that there are 2,910,281 Syrians registered in Turkey and the main and major burden is on the shoulders of Turkish government and nation, Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management, thanked to the European Union, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and state institutions and organizations, which supported this project. Furthermore, he also indicated that the aim of all projects, like this project, is to help Syrian refugees and provide a more comfortable life with high standards.

With the project which will be conducted in cooperation with the Directorate General of Migration Management and the UNHCR, and will be financed by the European Union, it is aimed that 6 thousand Syrians will be provided with vocational education, 2 thousand 500 Syrians will be provided with higher education scholarship, 6 thousand Syrians will be provided with Turkish language courses, 10 women’s shelters will be supported, 9 thousand children and 60 thousand Syrians will be reached via community centers.

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