The prize giving ceremony of Muyu painting contest themed as “My Migrant Friend” organized by the Directorate General of Migration Management was performed in Ankara. In the prize giving ceremony of the painting contest organized with the aim of expanding awareness of children and their families living in Turkey towards the migrants; Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior; Mr. Sebahattin ÖZTÜRK, Deputy Minister of Interior; Mr. Muharem İNCE, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior along with the senior executives of the Ministry of Interior and affiliated organizations took part.
Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, who addressed to the attendants in the prize giving ceremony, celebrated the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day of all children in Turkey and the world.
Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior, who wished that the April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day would be the first step, sign and herald of a world full of green, clean, happiness and joy to the most for all children without exception, stated that when Barış MANÇO was asked in a tv programme what he found most interesting of all the things he travelled and saw around the world, he gave a single world to this question: “child.” Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, who expressed that MANÇO said that the children of every part of the world behaved and joked with him in the same way, said: “Wherever you go over the world, you will see weapons, swords and spears from the early ages of mankind in almost every country. But at the same time you will see toys, dolls, simple cars, and horse-drawn horses from the early ages.”

Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, stressed the fact that almost everywhere in the world, in the majority of the paintings made by children, there is absolutely a sun in a corner, if a winter scenery is not drawn in particular, the season is either spring or summer, and there are flowers and birds in the picture. Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, who pointed out that the sun and the spring in the pictures are the symbols of hope in the future inside the children, said that “Throughout the history and in every corner of the world, if children's thoughts, hopes, love, laughter, purity and cleanliness continue in the same way, then we can also create peaceful worlds that we desire by centering our children."
Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior who stated that "There are weapons in the museums, but there are also toys." continued his words as follows:
“So we must look to future with the sunlight inside our children and be hopeful just like them, without being drawn into the vortex and darkness of the drama on the earth and without letting painful incidents ruin our moralism. Of course there are conflicts and wars in the world, maybe even after there will be. But, do not forget that the world, in which communication possibilities and the values of civilization are developing, is in a greater awareness and awakening. However far the evil spreads, goodness and human dignity will surely prevail.”
“I think if we take our steps by thinking of our children, if we make our investments, our factories not only for making money but also by thinking about the future of our children, if we keep our air and sea cleaner to enable our children to live in a better world, then It will not be hard at all to reach the world full of peace and tranquillity we desire.

Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, who stated that the organization is not a competition but a "fraternity meeting", addressed to the foreign children by also expressing that April 23, which was celebrated together with immigrant children in Turkey, had a very different meaning:
“Our precious guests, as the Minister of Interior of this country, I would like to tell you that the gates of our country are always open to you. You are our children too and we love you very much. We are very pleased that we are with you and you are our guests. Peace, tranquillity and democracy atmosphere in this country are also your common property. We are a big family now with you. Never feel yourself alone. Hopefully, we will celebrate many more festivals with you in joy and happiness. Even if you return to your countries in the future, this bridge of love that we have established with you will never be destroyed."
Uttering that this event means a great deal, Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior, said:
“You cannot discover your essence without touching the other. You cannot understand your humanity and human values. You need to touch other persons to be human, to understand the human, to understand why the God created us and why we are in this world. Today, we are giving a lesson of humanity to the whole world. This was an exam of Turkey, an exam of Anatolian civilization. Thank God, we have not failed at this exam, on the contrary, have taken a very important step towards the whole world.”
To the ones who have their eyes just on the money, oil, natural gas, underground energy sources and the lands they want to dominate, we show with these paintings and fraternity that the world is not just those.
“Do not let the world worry about it, Anatolian civilization will be the spreader of brotherhood, peace, tranquillity and humanity in the world. Again, do not let the world worry about it, even though they are far away from their human values, our children will make them human. We have a strong faith that this will happen. From Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, whencesoever, the new world these children will create in these lands will wipe out their dirty world. We believe in this. Let us intertwine so tightly to each other, clamp our hands so firmly that all evil will melt away in the goodness and clamp within those two hands. I thank you all so much since you are with us and you are our guests.”
As for Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management, he stated that nowadays the number of migrants reached up to 3% of the world population and the most affected ones are children.
Stating that half of the 21.3 million refugees are children now, Mr. Atilla TOROS, Director General of Migration Management, explained that one of the duties of the Directorate General of Migration Management is the matter of harmonization, within this framework foreign language and vocational courses in 81 provinces where the foreigners voluntarily attended and other courses which provided information about Turkey were organized.
Mr. Atilla Toros, Director General of Migration Management noted that the "Foreigners Communication Centre" established to find solutions to the questions and problems of foreigners, has been providing service in 6 different languages 7 days 24 hours.
Pointing out that majority of the foreigners who come to Turkey are children Mr. Atilla Toros, Director General of Migration Management, said:

“For this reason, it is among our priorities to conduct works regarding harmonization for foreign children. The cartoon character 'Muyu' is a child character created by the Directorate General of Migration Management for the facilitation of children's harmonization. Muyu is formed when you read backward the term ‘harmonization’ (Uyum in Turkish). We have prepared, distributed and have been distributing Turkish, English and Arabic 'Muyu Education Sets' in 3 languages in a way that they are suitable for the use of children between the ages of 6-11 to raise awareness about migration and to contribute to the language and social development of children. Moreover, we have also prepared and published a children's website for foreign children in Turkey and Turkish children living in Turkey to enable them adapt to each other.”
After the speeches ended; Mr. Süleyman SOYLU, Minister of Interior; Mr. Sebahattin ÖZTÜRK, Deputy Minister of Interior; Mr. Muharem İNCE, Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior; Mr. Selami ALTINOK, Director General of Public Security, Ltg. Mr. İbrahim YAŞAR, Deputy Commander of the Turkish Gendarmerie Forces; Rear Admiral Mr. Bülent OLCAY, Deputy Commander of Coast Guard, gave prizes and various gifts to the children who came out in the competition. After that, a family photo was taken all together.
After the ceremony, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, who also visited the exhibition area which was set up at the entrance of the conference room, congratulated each little painter after listening to their feelings and thoughts.
After listening to what the little painter said near a picture, Mr. Süleyman Soylu, Minister of Interior, expressed his thoughts for German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "We need to send this to Merkel, maybe their cold hearts are softened a little bit.”
The programme ended after the prize giving ceremony and the visit to Anıtkabir with children and their families who participated in the ceremony.

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