Temporary Protection Regulation has entered into force on 22 October 2014 following its publication in the Official Gazette No. 29153. Temporary Protection Regulation was prepared on the basis of Article 91 of the Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection of 4.4.2013. As per the Paragraph (1) of the Provisional Article 1 of this Regulation; the citizens of the Syrian Arab Republic, stateless persons and refugees who have arrived at or crossed our borders shall be covered under temporary protection.

Pursuant to the Article 22 “Temporary Protection Identification Document” of the Temporary Protection Regulation No. 6883 of 22.10.2014, governorates shall issue temporary protection identification document to those whose registration proceedings are completed. Foreign identification number shall also be issued to those, who are issued temporary protection identification document as per the Law No. 5490 on Population Services of 25.4.2006 and Temporary Protection Regulation No. 6883 of 22.10.2014.

Upon completing the registration procedures, Syrians covered under the temporary protection may have access to the “Foreign Identification Number” from www.goc.gov.tr web page by clicking on “TEMPORARY PROTECTION FOREIGN IDENTIFICATION NUMBER tab on the home page free of charge with their “Personal Number”, which starts with 98 and can be found on the “Temporary Protection Identification Document/Foreigner Identification Document”.

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