The Journal of Migration Studies is a peer-reviewed, bilingual (Turkish and English) academic journal published biannually (June and December) by Migration Research Center of ‘Directorate General of Migration Management‘ of Turkey. The aim is to contribute to the national and international migration literature and to encourage interdisciplinary research on migration. The Journal of Migration Studies focuses on economic, social, geographical, cultural, psychological, historical and legal dimensions of human mobility.
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to the following:

·      Migration Management and Policies
·      Theories of Migration
·      History and Dynamics of Migration
·      Analysis of the Irregular Migration
·      Migration Flows
·      EU Harmonization Process and Readmission Agreements
·      Migration, Harmonization and Social Admission
·      Migration, Human Rights and Perceptions of Security
·      Migration and Development from the Perspective of Social Capital
·      Migration Communication and Crisis Management
·      International Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking
·      International Protection and Temporary Protection
·      Borders, Asylum Seekers  and Refugees
·      Labour Migration, Brain Drain, and Remigration
·      Feminization of Migration
·      Migration Culture
·      Migration and Migrant Literature
Submission information
Word limit: 7000 words
Deadline for submissions to December 2015 issue: November 16, 2015
Peer review:  All submissions will be subject to a double anonymous peer-review process. Please prepare your submission for anonymous reviewing.
Submissions should be made to following e-mail address: makale@goc.gov.tr

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