Within the framework of the Council of Europe Project "Protection of the Rights of Refugees and Migrants in Turkey", the third opening meeting of HELP / UNHCR Online Course on “the Asylum and ECHR" was held.
Within the scope of the project which is funded by the Human Rights Trust Fund and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and in which the Council of Europe is the implementer, Human Rights Education Program (HELP) online training of Council of Europe for Legal Professionals was given to a group of about 80 persons from our Directorate General on 30 November 2018 in Ankara. 
On the training aimed at strengthening the capacities of the staff of our Directorate General for the application of the rights attributed to foreigners, it is also aimed that approximately 300 personnel in total will be trained. Within the scope of the project, the first opening meeting of the course was held on 6 July 2018 and the second opening meeting was held on 21 September 2018.

The event began with the opening speeches of Mr. Michael INGLEDOW, Headof Councilof Europe Program Officein Ankara, and Mrs. Serra ALBAYRAKOĞLU TIRAŞ, Acting Head of Migration Policy and Projects Department of our Directorate General. 
In addition to the presentation about the HELP, HELP Methodology and HELP E-training courses made by Mrs. Seran KARATARI KÖSTÜ, Judge and Senior Project Manager of HELP Unit of Council of Europe Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law; a presentation on protection of refugees and migrants within the European Convention on Human Rights was made by Mr. Flip SCHÜLLER, Asylum and Migration Lawyer and Member of HELP/UNHCR Working Group of <Asylum and Human Rights Convention Course> and a presentation about Evaluation on the Refugees in European Court of Human Rights Decisions was made by Mr. Dr. Neva ÖVÜNÇ ÖZTÜRK, Lecturer of Faculty of Law of Ankara University. 
During the opening meeting; the participants were provided with the practical information so that online training can be provided for them and the interaction between them and the trainers can be maintained efficiently. Moreover, the works on the adaptation to the national legislation carried out on the pages allocated for the course were introduced by Mrs. Gamze Gül ÇAKIR KILIÇ, Lawyer of Directorate General and national educator of HELP, and the duties of the participants in the training process were explained. 

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