According to the news from Milliyet’s internet page of 02/10/2014 with the title “While looking for a job, they fell for the trap of prostitution, Prostitution raid in Alanya”;
- Operations were made in Ankara and Antalya’s district Alanya and 18 women who were forced to prostitute were saved and 11 people were taken into custody;
On notifications about foreigners being forced to prostitute, District Police Department Group Administration of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime squads took action, made simultaneous operations in 9 addresses, 10 people in Alanya and one person in Ankara were taken into custody, 18 women from different countries who were ascertained to be forced to prostitute were saved;
- Officers from Foreigners Department of Antalya Police Office were contacted with regarding this issue; after the interview conducted by officers, foreigners W.F. and I.S. were confirmed to be victim of human trafficking; victims, being hosted in Shelters of Antalya Family Counselors Association until their return procedures were completed, were ensured to return their home within the framework of voluntary and safe return program as it was stated that victims wanted to return their home countries.
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