The workshop started with the opening remarks delivered by Atilla TOROS on behalf of the Directorate General for Migration Management, Ministry of Justice General Director of Laws Yaşar ŞİMŞEK, Member of High Council of Judges and Prosecutors Prof. Dr. Bülent ÇİÇEKLİ and lastly Undersecretary of Ministry of Interior Seyfullah HACIMÜFTÜOĞLU, respectively.
Our Undersecretary Seyfullah HACIMÜFTÜOĞLU said, in his speech, that Law No. 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection introduced various new regulations on legal and illegal migration and international protection, envisages new structure as a Department to execute the work and procedures regarding fight against human trafficking and protection of the victims thereof, and even establishment of such a department is the indicator of the decisive standing of our country in the field of fight against human trafficking and protection of the victims thereof. Our Undersecretary stated that work on “Draft Law Proposal on Prevention of human trafficking and Protection of the Victims” was at the last phase, with regard to the eliminating legislation flaws concerning prevention of human trafficking and the measures that should be taken by the administration on the field and protection of the victims thereof. 
Our Undersecretary said as last words, “I hope future work will be beneficial and I would like to thank valuable Academics, Chairs of Heavy Crime Court, Assistant Attorney General, Judges and Public Prosecutors, representatives from General Directorate of Security, general Commandership of Gendarmerie, General Directors and representatives from Ministries of Justice, Interior, Labour and Social Security attending the workshop”.
Head of Public Law Department at Faculty of Law in Gazi University Prof. Dr. İzzet ÖZGENÇ chaired the mentioned workshop. The topic of the first session was “Swot Analysis of Investigating and Prosecuting Human Trafficking Crime”, and it was followed by a presentation of a general evaluation of investigating and prosecuting human trafficking crime Marmara University Faculty of Law Professor in Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Prof. Dr. Caner YENİDÜNYA. Then, Supreme Court Public Prosecutor Rıfat SAGUT made an examination on the example decisions by the Supreme Court on human trafficking and opinions were exchanges with the participants. International Organisation of Migration Program Coordinator Meltem ERSAN delivered a speech titled “Turkey in terms of International Developments in the Field of Fight against Human Trafficking”. Second session of the workshop with the aim f comprehensive discussion on human trafficking crime - and relevant arrangements- which was recognised as a crime in Turkish Criminal Code and governed in article 80 of the same law in the light of Protocol on Fights against Human Trafficking that we signed in 2000 – Palermo Protocol started with the criticism and suggestions of the participants about the Turkish Law practices concerning human trafficking crime, and it was completed upon workshop evaluation speeches by Head of Public Law Department at Faculty of Law in Gazi University Prof. Dr. İzzet ÖZGENÇ, Gazi University Faculty of Law Head of Department of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law Cumhur ŞAHİN and İstanbul University Dean of faculty of Law Prof. Dr. Adem SÖZÜER.

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